Burkhan Bulak

Date:28 Nov, 2016

Burkhan Bulak

Burkhan Bulak Waterfall

The full power Burkhan Bulak Falls

Burkhan Bulak is the highest waterfall in Kazakhstan.  It is located in the gorge of the Kora River at the altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and consists of three cascades.  At a height of 112 metres, the waterfall is a spectacular sight to behold.

The destination is not the pinnacle of a journey here.  The road in to the river gorge is awe inspiring.  The drive from Almaty takes 10-12 hours, most of which is off-road and only accessible to serious 4WDs.  Along the way, the journey takes you into a high mountain plateau where you can see grasslands where the Kazakhs are grazing their livestock.  Yurts dot the plateau.  The grassland gives way to a more rocky landscape before finally the road brings you to the edge of a deep canyon.  High mountains rise on the other side and you truly feel small standing in their presence.  The road then winds down a steep rocky hillside, descending quickly to the valley floor.  A track following the river will take you finally to your destination.

The journey in will take a full day, but you will not feel like it was wasted.  Down in the valley, there are possibilities for hiking, climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, horse riding and much more.  Accommodation can be camping or a more comfortable cabin.  A minimum of 3 days is required for this tour.

The best time of year to come to this area is July when the waterfall is at its most powerful, but any time of year will provide an unforgettable experience.


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