Altyn Emel National Park

Altyn Emel National Park is a nature preservation park located 4 hours drive from Almaty to the northeast. It was established in 1996 and covers 4600 square kilometres of desert, rocky terrain and mountains.  Altyn Emel National Park is rated as the number three place to see close to Almaty by Tripadvisor.

The Landscape of Altyn Emel National Park is interesting and diverse with a range of geological feature that make the park beautiful, natural springs that bring life to the desert environment and always the possibility to see native wildlife.

The best way to explore the national park is to drive to the main sites and to then explore each site by foot.

Trip Options

Option 1 – 4WD, Hiking, Camping
Length: 2 days Difficulty: Easy Cost from: $180*
Day 1:
Drive to Basshi, a village at the entrance to the park.
Lunch at a small settlement at one of the many springs.
Drive to the Singing Dunes and walk up them, cause them to sing if the conditions are right.
Visit a historical site.
Stay in a guesthouse or camp in the park.
Day 2:
Breakfast at the Guesthouse.
Drive to the Aktau region of the park.
Explore the valleys and unique geography and rock formations in a couple of locations.
Drive to another spring, at which is located the 700 year old willow tree.
Return to Basshi and then continue back to Almaty arriving in the late evening.

* Prices are given as a guide. All prices are given in US Dollars per person. Prices may vary depending on number of clients, price changes, exchange rates, etc.