Mountain Biking

Around Almaty there are many places to explore on 2 wheels. Whether you want the challenge of climbing, the thrill of fast descents, a more relaxed roll across the grasslands, or a mix of all three, we can offer it all.

There are some great single day rides from an Almaty base that go through the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains. These rides are good for medium to experienced bike riders as they contain some technical sections, some steep uphills and lots of long fast downhill sections. Enjoy some great views of mountains and the city along the way. Distances can vary depending on the group.

Mountain biking is available near Almaty or at other locations such as Assy Plateau, Sharyn Canyon, Kolsai Lakes, Burkhan Bulak waterfall, Turgen Valley, Altyn Emel NP and along the Ili River.

It is also possible to combine mountain biking with other activities such as rafting, hiking, camping, rock climbing, horse riding and 4WD touring.

The best time of year for mountain biking near Almaty is from April and October.

Trip Options

Option 1 – Example Day Trip
Length: 1 day Difficulty: Medium Cost from: $50*
Day 1:
Meet in the city and collect mountain bikes.
Ride through the city to the start of the trail.
Ride the trail to a nice location.
Complete the trail and return to the city
Distance from 30-100km.

Option 2 – Mountain Biking, Camping
Length: 2 days Difficulty: Medium Cost from: $150*
Day 1:
Drive to Turgen Valley, entering the national park there.
Ride to a waterfall.
Return to the main path and continue riding up onto the plateau.
Ride along the plateau to our night time camp.
Set up camp.
Day 2:
Breakfast. Break camp.
Continue across the plateau and into the hills.
Lunch by a river.
Ride down to Bartogai Reservoir.
At the main road, return to Almaty by car.
The car will be following the group the whole time, so if any group member needs a break, they can ride in the car for a while.

* Prices are given as a guide. All prices are given in US Dollars per person. Prices may vary depending on number of clients, price changes, exchange rates, etc.