Assy Plateau

Date:05 Sep, 2017

Assy Plateau

Assy Plateau is a Zhailau – a mountain plateau used for summer grazing of sheep, cows, goats and horses by Kazakh livestock farmers. Travelling across the plateau is like stepping back in time. Yurts dot the countryside, shepherds guiding their flocks on horseback, only the occasional fellow adventurer will drive past. Located only 75kms from Almaty, it is an ideal place to visit for a cultural adventure weekend.

The plateau is cut by a main river with many streams coming from side valleys. Road are nothing more than bumpy dirt tracks, but no one has a desire to go fast here or they might miss some of the amazing sights that surround them. A mountain backdrop, with grassy hills and wildflowers, animals grazing all around. At nighttime, the sky is a mass of stars with no lights around to disturb the feeling of freedom.

There are a number of ways to explore the plateau. A 4WD tour is the mopst accessible for everyone if you don’t mind some bumpy roads. For those who like more of a physical challenge, a mountain bike adventure is a great way to feel every hill, rock, and river crossing. If you want the more cultural experience to feel like the nomads felt, try some horse riding.

It is possible to combine a trip to Assy plateau with a trip to Sharyn Canyon, Kolsai Lakes, or Turgen Valley, and include activities like Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Hiking, and Rafting.

The Best time to visit Assy Plateau is from May to September.


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